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Limitless Performance Chiropractic

A physician directed fitness practice that guides you through your barriers and to feeling, looking and performing optimally while prioritizing your longevity.

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It starts with a conversation to know you and your goals.

A thorough orthopedic exam and assessment- you're an individual and we evaluate you like one.

Learn how to optimize and why.

It's not just about conventional rehab or being in a gym setting.  It's about integrating the program into your life.

Treatment and training for precision.  Details matter.

Look, feel and perform at your best, achieving limitless results.

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About Us

Dr. Eugene Moznavsky obtained his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area with his thirst for the highest level of knowledge in the field of Human Performance.  After pursuing his education, Dr. Gene took his training to the highest level, becoming a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, CPPS.  While working at the premier fitness and performance center in Los Angeles at Studeo Beverly Hills, Dr. Gene was at the forefront of delivering an integrated model of care that combined modern treatment techniques, while designing safe and effective training programs.  Instead of waiting to heal in order to work towards your physical goals, the Limitless Method enhances healing through training you towards those very same goals.  Limitless Performance Chiropractic is the evolution of modern, physician-based fitness programming, which is Dr. Gene’s area of expertise.  

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Amy Retzinger - Talent Agent
5 Star Icon

"Dr. Gene is the best! Incredibly thorough in his knowledge of his craft, and always willing to take the time to give a scientific explanation of what we are doing. He fixed my neck/spine issue completely!"

// Patient Testimonial
Genevieve - Journalist

"Dr. Gene is an absolute gem.  HIs attention to detail and dedication to alignment and better health is truly unlike any other doctor I've seen!  He alleviated the pain caused by scoliosis through weight training and PT exercises that gave me strength and confidence.  He is patient, talented and kind.  You will love him!"

// Patient Testimonial
H.M. - Collegiate football player

"If your athlete trying to get right during the off season or just a regular person trying to get back or reach their prime psychical form Dr.Gene is your guy. I was in his program for few months helping to loosen and strengthen my core and joints to better me off in the season to move more swiftly on the field but with power. I would highly advice you give limitless performance chiropractic a try you won’t regret it!"

// Patient Testimonial
Melissa D - Entertainment Executive

"Dr. Gene is great!  I worked with him for nearly a year while recovering from a painful and difficult hip surgery.  As an active person, I was anxious to get back to exercising and especially running.  Dr. Gene developed a plan that helped me strengthen and recover.  He listened to my concerns and worked with me to reach my goals.  He truly cared about my recovery and I think it made all the difference!"

// Patient Testimonial
Kevin Scott Van Leeuwen - Director of Retail

"Dr. Gene was my Chiropractic Therapist for over a year during 2018 and 2019. He helped me work through a shoulder injury, providing me the appropriate adjustments and exercises that I needed to strengthen and heel my body. He is one of the BEST!"

// Patient Testimonial
CH - University Director

"Dr. Gene is a miracle worker. Not only did he resolve my longstanding tendonitis issues with effective physical therapy - he also got me committed to physical fitness to prevent issues in the future. His kind and careful coaching helped me develop great form in exercise moves that still gets me compliments from trainers today. ln fact I still use the warm-up routine that Dr. Gene designed for me, so the legacy of his expertise and friendly approach endures."

// Patient Testimonial
J. Medjuck - Writer /Director

"Dr. Gene put me back together! I went from debilitating chronic pain in my lower back to completely fit - by following the quick daily routine of strength building movements and stretching he designed for my L4-L5 back issues. Dr. Gene did an incredible job rebuilding my core and glute support so that I could carry our kids, pain free. Without worry. So grateful!"

// Patient Testimonial
Trey Romagnano - Sales Manager

"Dr. Gene is an amazing trainer. Unlike most trainers, he is a perfectionist about form and technique which is very important. He focuses on perfecting your exercise technique and builds a program custom tailored to your individual needs. He has a great attitude and is always on time and very flexible with scheduling. His virtual classes are just as effective as in person so don't let the struggles of 2020 get in the way of staying fit and healthy."

// Patient Testimonial

Why Us

What makes us unique is our attention to detail and precision, coaching you to be at your best.  Instead of conventional rehabilitation methods, we believe that training is the most important part of the process.  It starts with the understanding that we are all truly different with different body structures, injury and training histories, and we experience physical changes based on the sports we played. This all has a unique effect on our bodies and therefore we all need a unique program.  We don’t believe in "one size fits all" and we don't design cookie cutter programs. We always start with a clinical, detailed and focused orthopedic and movement assessment. We then use the information we gather to tailor a program that’s laser focused on getting athletes out of pain and on the path towards their fitness and wellness goals.

Services We Offer

Fitness Programing at Limitless Performance Chiropractic
Fitness Programming
Virtual Sessions & In Person!

Too many people these days are spinning their wheels doing workout plans that are made for someone else. This not only leads to frustration, but you often end up feeling worse than before you began and with a list of unwanted injuries that derail any progress. At Limitless Performance Chiropractic, you will get a medical, orthopedic and movement assessment that will be directly used to write the most effective and intelligent based training program.  

High Performance Rehabilitation at Limitless Performance Chiropractic
High Performance Rehabilitation
Virtual Sessions & In Person!

Our rehab programs are done with one thing in mind- that is to get you back to doing the things you love most. We do this by bridging the gap between rehab and training.  Based on individual needs, we use a holistic approach while still allowing you to be active. Essentially, we infuse your rehab program into training. That’s what we call High Performance Rehabilitation.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Techniques
Chiropractic Adjustments and Techniques
In Person

These are effective when used appropriately at restoring motion to the spine. When used in conjunction with movement and exercise, the results can increase dramatically.  This is performed on a case-by-case basis and only when we feel it’s appropriate. We also offer a spinal decompression technique, referred to as flexion distraction.  This has been shown to work great at decreasing pressure between the spinal discs and nerves.

Manual Soft Tissue Therapy at Limitless Performance Chiropractic
Manual Soft Tissue Therapy
In person

Manual and Soft Tissue Therapy has been shown to have great benefits in terms of pain management, active mobility, and reducing restrictions.  Some of the many types of manual treatment that we offer include: 

•Therapeutic CuppingInstrument Assisted
•Soft Tissue Mobilization
•Active and Passive Mobilization
•Athletic Stretching and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Virtual Sessions at Limitless Performance Chiropractic

Virtual Sessions and In-Person Sessions Available!

Contact us for our pricing and availability.
Contact Us

Our Mission

Limitless Performance Chiropractic is a physician directed fitness practice that guides you through your barriers and to feeling, looking and performing optimally while prioritizing your longevity.

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In addition to our virtual sessions, Limitless Performance Chiropractic offers in person services located at
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